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Lyle Stuart On Baccarat

Lyle Stuart

ISBN 0818407174
Publish Date 10/30/2007
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Lyle Stuart, Gambling
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Easier To Play Than Blackjack—And More Chances To Win!

Baccarat is not only one of the simplest casino games, it also offers the most favorable player odds. It’s the only table game that can severely hurt a casino—a game where huge fortunes can be won and lost on the turn of just a few cards. If you haven’t been playing baccarat or haven’t been playing enough, you’re missing out and Lyle Stuart on Baccarat will get you into the action—fast!

A world-champion baccarat player who has won hundreds of thousands of dollars in high-stakes games and championships, Lyle Stuart entered two baccarat tournaments in Atlantic City so that he could prove his claims before this book was first published in 1997. He won $245,000, and Lyle Stuart on Baccarat became an instant classic. This new, fully revised edition includes:

  • Secrets to winning at baccarat

  • How not to lose your shirt in a game where timing and judgment are key

  • Updates on casinos

  • Facts about the game (such as maximum and minimum limits and rules)

  • New scorecards and table-summarizing data from 160 shoes

  • New anecdotes that give an insider’s view of baccarat and of the world of high-stakes gambling

  • And more…

Comprehensive, candid, and truly entertaining, Lyle Stuart on Baccarat is the only baccarat book you’ll ever need—and the one that casino owners don’t want you to read!

Besides being the name behind Kensington’s successful gambling imprint, Lyle Stuart is a publishing legend (“The world’s most colorful publisher”—Malcolm Forbes) who over the years published such controversial books as Jackie Oh!, The Anarchist Cookbook, and Naked Came the Stranger. In 1997, he made headlines again when his company, Barricade Books, reissued The Turner Diaries. A former part owner of a casino in Las Vegas, Lyle Stuart became a world champion Baccarat player who won hundreds of thousands of dollars in high-stakes games and championships. In 1997, to prove the validity of his book, Lyle Stuart on Baccarat, he entered two major Atlantic City tournaments and won them both for a total of $245,000. A noted gambling authority, he has often been called on to advise casinos on how to protect themselves from card cheats and cons.

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