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The Illustrated Guide To Blackjack

Dennis Purdy

ISBN 9780818407086
Publish Date 2/27/2007
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Lyle Stuart, Gambling
List Price: $15.95

Real hands. Real decisions!

You’ve got a pair of jacks. The dealer shows a seven. Do you split or stand? The Illustrated Guide to Blackjack will show you the right move to make in this and every possible blackjack scenario, using real-game situations and solutions that test and hone your skills to the max.

Former gambling pro Dennis Purdy not only reveals the best plays for each hand, he shows you why they work, with clear, concise logic, user-friendly charts, and a unique flashcard format that makes each lesson stick. Mastering essential strategy has never been faster or easier. Whether you’re visiting the tables for the first or the fiftieth time, The Illustrated Guide to Blackjack will teach you how to keep on winning, again and again.

Dennis Purdy left the “working world” at the age of thirty-five to undertake a career as a professional gambler and moved to Las Vegas, where he became an expert card counter. Although he retired from full-time gambling in 1983, he still uses his skills to supplement his income. He lives in Tacoma, Washington.

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