When The Stars Come Out

Rob Byrnes

ISBN 9780758282118
Publish Date 9/1/2006
Format ePub
Categories Kensington Ebooks, Gay/Lesbian
List Price: $5.99

Guess Who's Coming Out?

Noah Abraham is back in New York tending to his ailing father while dealing with his writer's block on a book about gay congressional staffers. What he needs is a break, and a night out with his stepmother, Tricia--the most down-to-earth Trophy Wife on Park Avenue--is just the thing, especially when she introduces Noah to the handsome Bart Gustafson. Bart is as charming, personable, and laid back as Noah is intense. He's also the personal assistant to former film and television star Quinn Scott. The macho stud has been living in exile for years since running away with one of his ex-wife's back-up dancers. . .a male back-up dancer. And just like that, Noah's writing block is cured.

The Full, Shocking Story!

Getting a sizzling, tell-all book out of Quinn won't be boring--or easy. The 72-year-old is profane, hard-drinking, and hard of hearing, but he's got plenty of dish on Hollywood, especially its very deep closets. He and his longtime lover are ready to talk. The only topics that are off-limits for Quinn are his son, heartthrob actor Quinn, Jr., and his marriage to 1960's wholesome screen queen, Kitty Randolph. The girl once known for her "sweetness" has spent the last forty years morphing from girl-next-door to scary, I'm-not-mad-at-you-I'm-mad-at-the-dirt Hollywood mogul. She owns that town, and she's not about to let her ex-husband spill secrets that will embarrass her and threaten the image she's built. And if Noah is in her scenery-chewing way, he better grow some claws. . .jungle red.

Exclusive! Unbelievable! And Very, Very Hot. . .

Now, in an outrageous La-La-Land of come-ons, coming outs, and tell-alls, where everyone's got something to hide and plenty to divulge, Noah and Bart are riding fame's heady, strange wave and trying not to get drowned in the process. It's going to take every bit of cunning they've got, because when the stars come out, someone's going to take a fall. . .

The celebrated author of The Night We Met and Trust Fund Boys delivers a hilarious, wickedly witty novel about the secrets we keep, the lies we tell, and the love that can make us brave at last.

About Rob Byrnes:

Rob Byrnes won a Lambda Literary Award for his novel When the Stars Come Out. He is also the author of the novels The Night We Met and Trust Fund Boys, short stories in the anthologies Strange Bedfellows and Fool for Love; and an entirely fabricated personal history based largely on your willingness to believe he is 35 years old (he’s really 36. Ish.) He lived throughout New York State for most of those 36-ish years until his recent move to West New York–which is, deceptively, in New Jersey–with his partner Brady Allen. When not writing, he cavorts with celebrities and gets into whacky capers, like that time when he, Clinton and Clooney… ah, but you already know that story.

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