Book Series Perfect for Binge Reading

by Cheris Hodges

It’s romance awareness month and you know what that means? I have to make you aware of some of my favorite romance series. Most people like to binge-watch shows, but I’m a binge reader. If an author writes a series, I’m all in. Here are a few of my must-read series!

1. Farrah Rochon’s The Boyfriend Project series. 

Imagine finding out that your “man” is dating you and two other women. Instead of going all Real Housewives of whatever city, you and the other two women become best friends? And now we readers get to see Samiah, London and Taylor find the real love they deserve. And the friendship between these women is chef’s kiss. I’m convinced that good friends teach folks how to love. 

2. Synithia Williams’ Jackson Falls Series

Synithia Williams is a writer who loves to create messy problems and give you a wonderful happy ending. If you watched the Guiding Light or still check out Victor Newman’s antics on the Young and The Restless, then you need to get into the Jackson Falls Series.

Imagine coming home knowing that you’re still in love with your sister’s ex-husband, your brother is running for political office and you have to play the good little sister. And that’s just the tip of the Robidoux family iceberg.

3. Deborah Fletcher Mello’s To Serve and Seduce Series

Deborah Fletcher Mello really knows how to satisfy the crime drama nerd in me and her series To Serve and Seduce gives Law and Order, which is my go to comfort show, a run for its money. 

The Black family of Chicago are tied to the law, but don’t mess with the people they love because Elliot Stabler wouldn’t be able to save you.

4. Kwana Jackson’s Real Men Knit Series

Kwana Jackson makes Harlem come alive in her Real Men Knit series. Imagine growing up with a woman so important to you, that you toss the ideas of what a real man is to the side to save her legacy. These are the rom-com stories that make you swoon with happiness and head to a yarn shop looking for a real man with a bag full of yarn.

5. Cheris Hodges’ Southern Loving Series

And what’s a binge read without throwing in a few classics? One of my favorite series that I’ve ever written was the Southern Loving Series. And I’m Cheris Hodges, by the way. Mimi Collins and her best friend Michael Jane—and yes, Michael is a woman, her mom was a bad speller. Navigate live, love and lawsuits in Atlanta. I had such a great time writing these books.

No matter what, the four very different Richardson sisters always uphold their family’s reputation and legacy—a historic bed-and-breakfast in Charleston, South Carolina. But romance that one sister never saw coming will up-end all their expectations…

She’s the responsible sister, making sacrifices to run the family’s treasured B&B. But for once, Alexandria Richardson decides to take a vacation—a singles’ cruise, where she throws caution to the wind. And the handsome stranger she meets is just what she needs to make every moment sizzle—for all seven wildly sexy days. Energized and refreshed, Alex returns home—only to discover her holiday hottie is also the renowned architect tapped for the B&B’s major renovation project. How is she supposed to manage a business—and an all-consuming desire?

Wesley Prescott knows how easy it is to put success above everything else. And he has a lot riding on the prestigious Richardson deal—and on working smoothly with the suddenly serious, buttoned-down Alex. But he can’t resist teasing out the daring, adventurous—and lovable—woman he knows she truly is. Will mixing business with way more than pleasure convince them both that this is one fling that won’t be so easily flung?