Book Recs From Mary Jo Putney

by Mary Jo Putney

I like a variety of books, but they need to have characters I like and satisfying endings! Here’s a selection of stories I’ve enjoyed. 

With Christmas coming, my favorite holiday author is British Trisha Ashley. She writes very entertaining stories that are a blend of women’s fiction, romance, and romantic comedy. I reread her Twelve Days of Christmas every December, and often follow up with her The Christmas Invitation and One More Christmas at the Castle. Quirky characters, cats and dogs, great food, and happy endings guaranteed!

I recently reread an English classic mystery by the great Scottish writer Josephine Tey. Brat Farrar was published in 1949, but it’s still a terrific read. Set on a horse farm in a timeless England, it features a warm-hearted family and a young man who may—or may not!—be the long lost heir to the estate.

I just finished reading Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, which is currently a huge bestseller. It’s basically a young adult fantasy novel in which a fragile young woman is forced to attend a dragon rider academy where there is danger at every hand—but she’s fearless and really smart! Non-stop action, lots of dragons, and a steamy enemies to lovers romance. If this is the kind of book you like, you will really like this!

Still in fantasy mode, I jumped at the chance for an early read of Sharon Shinn’s newest book, Whispering Wood, #5 in her Elemental Blessings series. (It will be released 11/14/23.) Sharon is amazing at building fascinating worlds with great characters and always a powerful romance. It’s not necessary to start with the first book, Troubled Waters, but that would probably be best because that way you can see her world and characters growing and becoming ever more wonderful throughout the series. 

Last but certainly not least, romance royalty Jennifer Crusie is back after a too-long hiatus with her Liz Danger trilogy, co-written with Bob Mayer. All three books are now available: Lavender’s Blue. Rest in Pink, and One in Vermillion. Crusie writes the chapters from Liz Danger’s point of view and Mayer writes the chapters for Vince Cooper, the Hot Cop and former Army Ranger. Liz returns to her home town of Burney, Ohio after many years away, and humor and mayhem follow! Not to mention the neurotic dachshund and three hundred and ninety three teddy bears, because why not?

Cornwall calling! From New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney, the first in an intoxicating historical romance series set on the rugged Cornish coast, filled with swashbuckling adventure and real-life history, intrigue and an unshakeable love—perfect for fans of Poldark.

A smoldering nobleman and a beautiful amnesiac with paranormal gifts discover they share a powerful passion, a unique legacy—and a common enemy.

Together they faced the past . . .

A sense of duty sends Bran Tremayne to Cornwall to confront his heritage of British nobility. Abandoned at birth, Bran wants nothing to do with the embittered remains of his family. But as a special agent for the Home Office, he senses trouble brewing along the coast. And he can’t turn away from the vulnerable woman he encounters in the Cornish countryside. Merryn’s amnesia makes her past a mystery to them both, but with her life in danger, the only thing Bran knows for sure is that the beautiful stranger needs his protection . . .

But would they share a future?

Leaning into Bran is difficult enough, but can Merryn trust the strong bond—and the powerful passion—she feels for her rugged rescuer? She has no choice once Bran uncovers that she is at the center of a plot between French agents and Cornish smugglers. From misty woodlands to stormy shores, the two join forces with a band of loyal Cornishmen to bring down a common enemy. Yet will their growing love survive the coming peril?