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I know I’m not alone when I say that love my dogs. As a dog mom, there is nothing better than having your faithful companion by your side, on good days or bad. I’m lucky enough to have two fur-babies in my life. They are my best friends and I love them to bits.


Jack and Jill are miniature dachshunds, balls of fun and energy that make me smile daily. They are also creatures of habit, which suits me just fine. Here are five things that my dogs love to do every day, rain or shine.

Walks – When you look at these two wee things, you wouldn’t think that they demand to go on a three kilometer walk every single day. But man, do they get grumpy with me if I’m feeling lazy and try to get out of going. I can’t even say the word walk in the mornings unless I’m planning on taking them right exactly now. We’ve had to come up with code phrases: daily constitutional, a jaunt, about to do the loop. I think they’re catching on.

Treats – Some dogs are picky. My dogs will eat just about anything. Liver bites and Greenies are their favorites. First thing in the morning they get one Greenie, which is supposed to help their teeth, but I call shenanigans. Still, if I ever run out both Jack and Jill get quite annoyed with me. Liver bites are their go to hey I’m cute and you should totally give me a snack I give them too many. They love me for it.

Sleep – They wake up in the morning, go pee, have a treat, and then immediately go back to sleep. I’m envious. When they want to be left alone they will burrow under a blanket. Jill will do this more than Jack, but both will at night when they are really tired.

Play – Jack loves to play fetch. We tell guests not to throw his ball unless they are willing to throw it a hundred times. He will do this cute thing where he’ll drop a toy in front of you, and then shift his gaze between it and you as if to say it’s here, why aren’t you playing with me? Jill doesn’t play as often, but when she does we all laugh.

Tricks – I’m not a great dog mom when it comes to teaching them tricks. Jack is far more knowledgeable of the two. He can stand, dance, fetch, laydown, roll his ball on command, and give you his paw. Jill is…stubborn. She can roll over for a belly rub and give you her paw to shake but only if there’s a treat involved. It’s more than enough for me.

I love my dogs and I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know them! They are super sweet and make me smile daily.

Christine d’Abo

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