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Marc Cameron


“Cameron’s books are riveting page-turners.” —Mark Greaney, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Law enforcement veteran Marc Cameron brings an explosive authenticity to this powerful new U.S. Marshal series. Arliss Cutter is a hero for our times. And his hunt for justice cuts straight to the bone...



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Reviewed by Ann

Marc Cameron’s debut thriller series OPEN CARRY begins with the murder of a young girl so vivid and frightening I get chills just recollecting it.  Only a master of the craft, with years of law enforcement under their belt, and personal experience with individuals whose blood runs cold, could come up with a point of view as spooky and unforgettably cinematic. It’s the perfect scene to launch into a book that falls into squarely into the thriller genre.

Cameron’s previous thrillers, including BRUTE FORCE, FIELD OF FIRE, and NATIONAL SECURITY, have drawn upon his years in intelligence and government work and are exhilarating thrill rides. His books have all been such stand-outs in the genre that he was asked to join the family of Tom Clancy co-authors to continue the celebrated Jack Ryan franchise. What makes Cameron’s writing so unique in OPEN CARRY is that he’s a former tracker, which helps him to more fully form his new character, Arliss Cutter – also a tracker.  Cutter’s been tasked with coming to the cold Alaska wilderness to solve the murder of a Tlingit girl, a member of an indigenous tribe native to British Columbia and Alaska. Before long, other people are disappearing without a trace, namely the members of a film crew shooting there in the freezing Alaska climate.  Cameron also writes from experience about Alaska; that’s his home and where he does much of his best work.

OPEN CARRY is seriously not for the faint-hearted, and that’s what makes it so compelling and un-put-downable.  It’s also a portrait of Alaska – isolated, weather-beaten, full of hard-working people who know everything about you and can keep a secret (until they can’t). Outsiders like Arliss Cutter earn curiosity and distrust, until they need someone who can get the job done, even if it means killing someone. There are pods of orca, hidden coves, stands of cedar trees, and plenty of rifles, knives and glocks. The good guys AND bad guys are fully loaded.  Read this book with the lights on.  



Reviewed by Larissa

Fluke’s Raspberry Danish Murder ended on a thrilling cliffhanger for Hannah Swensen: with Lake Eden, Minnesota’s head detective (and Hannah’s ex-boyfriend) Mike Kingston revealing to Hannah why her husband Ross disappeared. Chocolate Cream Pie Murder picks up with Hannah revealing to her church’s congregation and the people of Lake Eden the truth about Ross’s shocking departure. 

Fans of Fluke’s culinary cozy mystery series will not be disappointed as a whirlwind of events take place. Lake Eden has been chosen to host Minnesota’s Film Festival, re-running movies that are set in the state; Hannah’s college friend and actress Lynne visits with some bad news; and a murder victim is found in the bedroom of the condo Hannah used to share with Ross. Ross doesn’t help matters when he starts begging and threatening Hannah for money. Who murdered the man in Hannah’s condo? Why does Ross need money so bad? In order to move on from Ross’s betrayal, Hannah must figure out why he needs money so desperately and solve a murder case that’s messier than an upended chocolate cream pie. Speaking of chocolate cream pie, there’s a recipe included for the dessert (along with many others) to try. 

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder is true to Fluke’s form and has a little something for everyone: delicious descriptions of food, original recipes to test out in the kitchen, family, drama, and of course—murder! 




Reviewed by Michaela

Like millions of others, I was fascinated by the media coverage of the 2015 escape by two convicted killers from a maximum-security prison in upstate New York. Day after day, for three weeks, the manhunt dominated the headlines. Yet the extensive newspaper and television coverage failed to answer questions that seemed central to the story. How did the two dangerous convicts escape from a maximum-security prison? How could they elude thousands of law enforcement personnel searching for them? How did they survive in the three weeks they were on the lam? In DANNEMORA, veteran corrections professional Charles A. Gardner answers these key questions, and more, with eye-opening revelations that go behind the headlines to tell the full, true story for the first time. This book reads like a thriller, but it’s 100% factual. It tells a powerful story – but it also provides important insights into the current state of our prison system.




Reviewed by James

When Zoey Castile’s editor gave me an advance copy of HIRED, she told me it was even steamier than STRIPPED, the first book in the Happy Endings Series. I didn’t fully believe her… until I went home to Hawaii for the holidays and started reading it. I was sitting on the beach when I did, and yet HIRED made me sweat even more than the blazing sun did. So yes: I can attest that HIRED is, in fact, hotter than STRIPPED. Way hotter.

The thing I love the most about Castile’s books is how genuine the connections between her heroines and heroes are. HIRED is no exception. Faith Abigail Charles is the daughter of New Orleans’s next female candidate for mayor, and Aiden Rios is an escort and stripper—I mean, male entertainer. As they fall headfirst for each other, it’s clear that their mutual connection goes far beyond sex. Things are bound to get messy: Faith is working for her mother’s mayoral campaign, and a scandal soon threatens to break Faith and Aiden apart. But the heart of the story is how they can overcome it to reach the same happy ending they both deserve.

I don’t think that’s a spoiler, since after all, it is the Happy Endings Series. I hope you love HIRED as much as I did!