Bestselling author John Gilstrap



A rescue gone wrong. A deadly double cross. A desperate race to freedom. Freelance operative Jonathan Grave faces his fiercest challenge yet in bestselling author John Gilstrap’s explosive new thriller . . .

The mission is simple. Drop into the Mexican jungle, infiltrate a drug cartel’s compound, and extract a DEA agent who’s been kidnapped and tortured. But when Jonathan Grave and his partner Boxers retrieve the hostage and return to the exfil point, all hell breaks loose. They’re ambushed by the cartel. Abandoned by their chopper. Attacked on all sides with no means of escape, no contacts, and no allies. Their only hope of survival lies inside the walls of a remote orphanage where innocent children have been targeted for death.

The U.S. military won’t help them. The government won’t acknowledge them. The cartel won’t let them get out alive. Grave’s only option is to escort his precious cargo to safety across a hundred miles of treacherous jungle filled with enemies—and bring the orphans with them. It’s more than a risky move. It’s a suicide mission. With artillery shells screaming overhead, and armed death squads closing in, Grave has no choice but to forge ahead to the coast. Even if they make it to their rendezvous point, he can’t shake the feeling that something bigger is at play. A vast conspiracy of international power players who take no prisoners—and leave no survivors . . .

praise for john gilstrap and his Jonathan Grave thrillers

“The release of a new John Gilstrap novel is always worth celebrating, because he’s one of the finest thriller writers on the planet.” –Tess Gerritsen

“Gilstrap pushes every thriller button.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Rocket-paced suspense.”—Jeffery Deaver

“Will leave you breathless.”—Harlan Coben

“Powerful and explosive . . . If you like Vince Flynn and Brad Thor, you’ll love John Gilstrap.” —Gayle Lynds

“When you pick up a Gilstrap novel, one thing is always true—you are going to be entertained at a high rate of speed.” —Suspense Magazine

“Addictively readable . . . a rollercoaster ride of adrenaline-inducing plot twists . . . riveting and highly satisfying.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Any John Gilstrap novel packs the punch of a rocket-propelled grenade—on steroids.” —

“Not-to-be-missed.”—Rocky Mountain News