Be More Like These Badass Heroines in the New Year

If you’re like us here at Kensington, you enjoy reading about strong heroines. Not only are they fun to root for in any story, but they’ve also inspired us to be the leading ladies of our own lives. To help inspire you this new year, we’ve compiled a list of books with badass heroines we know you’ll love!

The Heretic Royal by G.A. Aiken

Two queens. One crown. The lands are divided, warring factions have taken up arms, and the battle between Keeley and the evil Beatrix is coming to a head! Ainsley is constantly underestimated by her eldest sisters. But she’s determined to help Keeley win the throne, even if it means joining forces with angry nuns, irritating monks, and a certain handsome centaur. Soon make her sisters will realize they should never doubt the underdog…

You Can Hide by Rebecca Zanetti

FBI Special Agent Laurel Snow is used to separating her emotions from her work. But when her troubled half-sister, Abigail, becomes the target of a dangerous killer, Laurel’s protective instinct goes into overdrive. As dead bodies begin turning up, there’s only one connection among them: Abigail. Laurel is determined to take down this killer at any cost—including her life.

Tick Tock by Fern Michaels

The women of the Sisterhood are from all walks of life. But they have one common goal: seeking justice no matter what it takes. But this time, there’s a price to pay for their success. When their online security is breached and the women of the Sisterhood are left vulnerable, a vicious adversary will strike. But their enemy will learn that no one targets one of their own and gets away with it.

Stalk the Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

After her vampire transformation nearly killed her, Satin vowed never to feel weak again. Instead, she prefers to throw herself into the joys of life, like a no-strings-attached fling with Marco, a strong and handsome werewolf. But when Satin finds herself pregnant and in danger, she’ll call on all the strength she can find within herself. And a certain werewolf is determined to help…

The Boxing Baroness by Minerva Spencer

Marianne Simpson has the looks of a lady, but the spirit of a fighter. As a prized boxer in her uncle’s all-female circus, she’s used to going toe-to-toe with some shady characters. When the handsome Duke of Staunton requests her help to save his troublesome brother from a kidnapping, she’s hesitant to accept. But when the duke refuses to back down, Marianne discovers she may have finally met her match…

One Last Chance by Kat Martin

When Skye’s sister goes missing, she knows she’ll need to call on all her military and PI skills to find her. Skye is gutsy and more than capable, but infiltrating an infamous cult like Children of the Sun will be too risky to do alone. Enter former Green Beret Edge Logan. Together, the pair will work around the clock to find her sister and unmask the face of evil.