Since graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Boston University and a Diploma in Education from Sydney Teachers College in Australia, writer, illustrator, educator and author Joseph A. Lieberman has followed a two-tiered career track, simultaneously involved in secondary and college education, gallery exhibitions, and publishing.

His stories first appeared in The Boston Globe in the 1980s, and since then he's published over 700 features and articles in newspapers, magazines and professional journals, traveled to 53 countries, and produced nine books.

After relocating to Eugene, Oregon in 1999, his interest in school shootings was sparked by meetings with key people involved in the Thurston High tragedy. The personal impact of these chance encounters and the continuance of other horrific events led him into a deep investigation of this disturbing phenomenon. His project eventually became a book revealing the synchronous nature and common roots of school shootings, mass murder, workplace rampage, and suicidal terrorist acts. School Shootings: What Every Parent and Educator Needs to Know to Protect Our Children (Citadel Press/ Sept. 2008) examines how all these incidents interface at some level, from the earliest attacks to the most recent shootings. Lieberman's view is that understanding how and why these terrifying events take place is the first step toward preventing them. It is the author's hope that his book will contribute to that end. For more information, visit schoolshootingsbook.com.

Author Joseph A. Lieberman can be contacted at joe@authorjoe.com.