On September the 13th, (Friday the 13th, no less) Steve showed up at the wholesale meat plant where he was working, only to learn he had lost his job. Broke, he returned home, less than $45.00 in the bank. Four days later, Ken Atchity had a two-book, seven figure deal with Bantam Doubleday.

MEG would go on to become the book of the 1996 Frankfurt book fair, where it was sold to more than a dozen countries. It hit every major best-seller list, including #19 on the New York Times list. To date, approximately 1 million copies have been sold worldwide.

After box offices disappointments Godzilla and Mighty Joe Young, Hollywood Pictures chose to pass on MEG, feeling the timing was not right for another "creature-feature." Steve and Atchity Editorial/Entertainment International maintain rights to MEG and are waiting for the right producer/studio to turn the best-seller into a blockbuster motion picture.

As an author, Steve has two goals. First, to continue to work hard to become a better storyteller and create page turning thrillers. Second, to remain accessible to his readers. Steve reads and answers all e-mails, uses the names and descriptions of his loyal fans as characters in his books, and even hires readers as editors, depending on their particular expertise. To date, he has worked with a submarine expert, United States Army Ranger, Maximum Security Prison Guard, technician on the X-33 project, a Physics & Chemistry Professor, a former NASA rocket scientist, a nano-computer expert, a technician at the Kennedy Space Center, and one very crazy parachute enthusiast.

The graphic artwork and original drawings appearing in DOMAIN were completed by MEG readers Matt Herrmann (Villain Design) and Bill McDonald (Argonaut-Greywolf@home.com.) The website was created and is maintained by Robert Marlin, another Steve Alten reader.

"I am so very grateful to my readers and fans who have taken the time to share. Rest assure, I will continue to work hard to earn your loyalty." —Steve Alten