Since her start as a romance novelist in the early 1990's, Marcia Evanick has not only won the devotion of a large following but has also received high acclaim in many competitions. Indeed, her debut novel garnered the coveted Waldenbooks Award for the most sales from a first time author in the category of romance. Thus far, Marcia's prolific career has produced twenty-six books.

Marcia decided to turn her talent towards writing romance novels from the moment she picked up her first book of that kind and fell in love with the genre. But, for her, writing is not the most important aspect of life. Her wonderful family holds that distinction. Along with her husband Michael, Marcia has raised five children--Michael, Angelique, Keith, Cassandra, and Savannah. The brood makes their home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Her hobbies include attending all of her children's sporting events, reading, and avoiding housework. Marcia knows that her skills do not lie in the culinary arts and therefore avoids the kitchen at all costs. Luckily, her husband not only cooks but also pretends to enjoy anything she sets before him at the dinner table. Marcia's amazing spirit is evident in the fact that she believes in happy endings, children's laughter, the magic of Christmas and, of course, romance.