A rebel herself, award-winning author Joyce Adams was born in Missouri-south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Since that time, she has lived in five different states and served in the U.S. Army as an administrative specialist and secret courier. She attended the University of Hawaii with course study emphasis on Journalism and Psychology. Literature has beckoned to her, however, from the time she learned how to read and the wonderful world of books opened before her. Longing to be a part of that magic, Joyce published her first novel, Rebel Mine, in July of 1993. Since that time she has produced six more books and a novella, all available from Zebra Books. Her titles include Loving Kate, Tempting Tess, Darling Cat and, due in August of 1999, Apache Pride.

While writing and researching her historicals, Joyce tends to acquire some experiences first-hand. For instance, she has ridden a Brahma bull, attended the Virginia City camel races, taken Faro lessons from a professional gambler, and learned how to pick locks. She's also a bit of an expert on medicine shows, potions and poisons, and the art of belly dancing. When Joyce is not busy writing or educating herself, she spends her time educating others about her craft. Teaching writing classes, giving workshops, and being a national and international speaker certainly keeps her on the go. She also belongs to the organizations Romance Writers of America, Novelists Inc., and the National Historical Trust Society.

In addition to the numerous activities focused around her career, she also loves line dancing and swing dancing. Other hobbies include reading, traveling and attending historical re-enactments and gunfights. Recently, a lot of Joyce's time has been spent at home in Missouri trying to obedience train her extremely determined cocker spaniel.