A Work Day at the Beach by Lena Gregory

One of the best parts of living on an island is never being more than a short ride (or walk) from the beach! One of my favorite beaches is only a few miles from my house, and it’s never crowded. Before I head out, I pack my kindle (lots of reading choices), a spiral notebook and pen (since my best writing ideas always hit me when I have no way to write them down, and the beach is one of my favorite places to write), sunscreen (wouldn’t want book tan lines across my stomach or lap) in the summer, though I do like to go in the fall and spring too, and a couple of towels (one to sit on, one to keep my bag on so I don’t get sand in my kindle), a diet soda (because I’m addicted), and baby powder (nothing takes sand off at the end of the day like baby powder!)

I drive two miles and park in a small dirt lot, then hoist my bag over my shoulder and walk about a mile on a trail through the woods to the beach. Walking gives me plenty of time to clear my head, relax, unwind, and think about what I want to write (unless I happen to be writing a scene where a killer is stalking a woman through the woods. Then, not so much.) Not to mention, it’s great exercise.

That first glimpse of the water always brings a rush of relief, and I can’t wait to get my notebook out and jot down all the ideas that are usually cluttering up my head by that point.

The first thing I do is take off my shoes and dig my feet into the warm sand. It feels so amazing! Then I set up and start writing. I prefer to do my writing or outlining first, so I can relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility once I’m done. That is, if I have any time left before I have to start running around, picking kids up, making dinner… You get the idea! But back to that peace and tranquility.

As far as offices go, I really can’t complain. Although I’ve never tried bringing my laptop with me, the beach is the perfect place to outline a new story, plot a good murder, or plan a scene. The warm sun, soft breeze, and sound of the water gently lapping against the shore bring me a sense of peace I don’t find anywhere else.

To save her cozy Florida diner, Gia Morelli must choke down a heaping helping of murder . . .

New York native Gia Morelli is just getting used to life in Florida when she gets word that the town government wants to shut down her pride and joy: the charming little diner known as the All-Day Breakfast Café. A forgotten zoning regulation means that the café was opened illegally, and hardboiled council president Marcia Steers refuses to budge. Gia is considering hanging up her apron and going back to New York, but before she gives up on her dream, she discovers something shocking in the local swamp: Marcia Steers, dead in the water. There’s a secret buried in the books at town hall, and someone killed to keep it hidden. To save her café and bring a killer to justice, Gia and her friends will have to figure out a killer’s recipe for murder . . .

Praise for Lena Gregory

“Hold on to your plates for this fast-paced mystery that will leave you hungering for more!”—J.C. Eaton, author of the Sophie Kimball Mysteries, on Scone Cold Killer

“Family secrets, old mansions, and a growing list of murder victims—these elements and more blend together to make an intriguing as well as entertaining cozy mystery.”—RT Book Reviews on Occult and Battery

“As breezy and salty as a gust of wind off the chilly bay waters.”—Juliet Blackwell, New York Times bestselling author of the Witchcraft Mysteries on Death at First Sight

“An intriguing opening to a fun new series.”—E. J. Copperman, national bestselling author of the Haunted Guesthouse Mysteries on Death at First Sight