A Virtual Tour of NYC

By Priscilla Oliveras

Ooh, NYC is one of my favorite cities in the US. I love the hustle and bustle and the idea that anything’s possible there. I like how I can walk anywhere or hop on the subway and (fairly) easily arrive at a new part of town with something interesting or enlightening to experience. I’ve soooo missed being able to visit familia and friends in NYC over the past year + and I’m praying that soon we’re safely back to something similar to the “before times.”

If, by chance, you were heading to NYC with me for a visit, here are some of the highlights I’d wanna hit.

1. Grab a slice from John’s Pizzeria

Yes, there are a bazillion pizza joints in NYC. But John’s has a special place in my heart.

You see, back in 2003, when Mami and I took my girls to NYC for the first time, we asked the young, energetic guide on one of our double decker bus tours if he could recommend a pizza place nearby. He gave us directions to John’s Pizzeria on 44th St and, goodness, were we pleased! Located in an old Gospel Tabernacle Church with a beautiful stained glass ceiling, John’s has delish coal-fired brick-oven pizza and tasty Cadillac margaritas (for the adults). Between the food and the ambiance, we were hooked.

Every time I’m in NYC, I try my best to grab a bite here. For me, the meal is extra special because it’s tinged with nostalgia, taking me back to that first time visit with my girls…their eyes wide with the wonder that’s unique to NYC.

My mami, my girls & me at Lion King in NYC back in 2003

Note: Right now, the John’s Pizzeria Time’s Square location is closed, but they’re hoping to open when Broadway’s lights shine again this fall. Fingers crossed!

2. Visit the Highline

This public park is built on an historic freight rail line that’s above the West Side of Manhattan. As you stroll down the Highline, you’re treated to a relaxing view of the city from high above, surrounded by art, nature, and the Highlines unique design. I’ve only gotten to walk a part of this trail, but I was enamored by all the great spots to sit and read or write or brainstorm, so it’s on my bucket list…hoping to check it off with my visit to NYC at the beginning of June (so if you’re reading this in June, check out my Instagram and FB for pics!)

3. Run in Central Park

When I’m in town for a conference or visiting familia and friends and can get the chance, a run through Central Park is always an energizing activity. Rolling hills, people at play, tourists and locals alike relishing nature in the midst of the sprawling city…it’s a mix of relaxation and invigoration. The perfect way to start my day in the city.

4. Catch a show at the Booth Theatre

Really, any Broadway theatre, but the Booth is where Mateo’s “Clemente: The Man, the Myth, the Legend” musical is on stage (in my story world anyway, *wink*) .

This pic isn’t at the Booth, but it’s one of my special NYC memories of the time my youngest and I waited FOR HOURS in the snowy rain, hoping we could get last minute tickets to “Hamilton.” OMG, that show…the entire production…our excitement as we made our way into the theatre…OFF THE CHARTS AMAZING!

We made it in to see Hamilton!! OH, THE JOY!

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