A Short Trip Around The World with Hy Conrad

Amy, a travel agent, makes stops around the world to honor Paisley McGregor, a maid who wished her ashes spread around the world.

At each progressing stop, events become stranger after an American joins the group. Amy grows greater suspicion against the stranger, but how can she prove it?

Explore the world this year, and travel with Amy in her stops across the borders:

Famous for its creative, minimalist air, the French capital caters rich picnics under the Eiffel Tower, and captivating arts dot its longest road, the Champs Élyseés.

Amy and her team wade through the Big Island’s Kona coast, a beach destination known for its breathtaking, tropical sights. Walk through white sands, or hike up to a volcano, one of the targets in Paisley’s will.

New Delhi
The final destination in the group, New Delhi features the world-renowned Taj Mahal, a marble palace honored as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Around the city, food markets lull you to explore new flavors and interesting spices.

Join Amy to unfold the conundrum, and travel to these arresting destinations in Hy Conrad’s DEARLY DEPARTED.


Paisley MacGregor, a maid to the rich, made a dying request to send all of her wealthy employers on a first-class wake to spread her ashes around the world. Amy has her suspicions about these “mourners,” especially when one has a life-threatening “accident” at the first stop in Paris. And when a mysterious American stranger tagging along with the group has his ticket punched in the shadow of the Taj Mahal, Amy suspects there’s a killer on her tour.

Digging for clues isn’t easy, especially when another mourner has a dangerous encounter with a Hawaiian volcano. Back in the States, Fanny and Amy start to piece together a secret worth killing for, but someone is hot on their trail, and ready to send them on a one-way trip—to the morgue!



HyConrad_smHy Conrad was the co-executive producer of the hit television series Monk. Monk received three Edgar nominations from the Mystery Writers of America for “Best TV Series.” The author of hundreds of short stories and ten books of short whodunits which have been sold around the world in fourteen languages, he’s also the author of the novels, Mr. Monk Helps Himself and Mr. Monk Gets On Board. Hy splits his time between Key West, Vermont, and New York City. Readers can visit his website at hyconrad.com.