A Manor Of Murder by June Shaw

Much of the action of this cozy mystery takes place at Green Bayou Retirement Manor, a fictional place here in South Louisiana where I live. I wanted to show retirement homes in a positive manner with lots of fun residents having many positive experiences, some including new romance. I’ve enjoyed being around spry elders in such places myself and wanted to share.

My area also led me to include a Gumbo Kitchen, where the needy can get free meals, and one of my main characters often brings gumbo and her special sweet treat, creamy pecan pralines.

Here’s what happens: Sunny Taylor and Eve Vaughn are twin divorcees who own Twin Sisters Remodeling and Repair. Their personalities and interests are very different, except for their secret interest in the same man. They adore their spry widowed mother who lives in the manor, but are shocked to learn she is planning to get married.

Of course they want her happy, but the supposed groom has not been in town long, and few people know much about him. Also, their mother was not the one who told them—it was the man’s nephew, whose large home they are remodeling—and who is planning the wedding. The twins, like their mom’s cadre of buddies, fear the intended groom may be only after their mother’s pension.

The nephew and the sisters get into an argument at the retirement home where their argument is seen by many residents, and he fires them. Later when they go to his house to retrieve their tools, they discover him dead and become suspects in his possible murder. Things really get hot when a healthy resident of the home gets sick eating lunch with their mother and dies. This woman has told everyone she was also interested in their mother’s intended. Their mother becomes a suspect—and a murderer’s next intended victim.

Can the twins, and maybe their mom’s cronies, stop a killer in time?

Home renovation, like romance, can cause its share of headaches. And in Louisiana’s Bayou country, the path of love can be strewn with murder . . .

Between maintaining a home renovation business and patching up their personal lives, twin sister divorcees Sunny Taylor and Eve Vaughn are too busy to meddle in their aging mom’s romantic affairs. That is, until the strong-willed senior makes plans to marry her retirement community’s newest resident. Her cadre of buddies at Sugar Ledge Manor are worried that Mom’s beau is only after her money. But when the groom-to-be’s nephew, Edward, is found dead in the house he’d hired the sisters to remodel, the situation gets even stickier.

Everyone knows Edward and the twins disagreed about the upcoming marriage. The crime hasn’t just thrown a wrench in their professional reputations—now the killer seems to be taking aim at Mom. That discovery, along with a second sudden death, sends Sunny and Eve sifting through motives thicker than a Louisiana gumbo…and trying to nail a murderer before all dreams of happiness come crashing down along with their family…

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