A Fern Michaels Book For Every Mood

Sometimes as a reader you get into a book rut or want a novel that fills a very specific wish. When an author has published as much as Fern has, and as widely, you are pretty much guaranteed to find what you are looking for somewhere in her back catalog. Don’t believe us? Take a look…

The Wild Side

For readers who love an absolute wild ride of a story, The Wild Side is for you. A seemingly ordinary guidance counselor goes undercover as a high-class escort to bring down a dangerous network of ruthless and powerful men in the gripping new standalone page-turner from legendary, #1 international bestseller Fern Michaels.

On the Line

For readers who loved the intense and engaging restaurant-set drama The Bear and want that but with more of a thriller spin we’ve got On the Line. This stand-alone novel by Fern Michaels features a rising chef in New York’s tough culinary scene, family secrets, and a dangerous past that is about to catch up with our hero. When Mateo Castillo’s parents fled drug cartels in Colombia they thought they would be providing a better life for their son, but now years later those choices have rebounded on their family in ways they never could have expected…

Kentucky Rich

For readers looking for a complex family drama. Nealy Colemen has shocked everyone by returning to her family’s thoroughbred horse farm after she snuck away decades ago as a scared, pregnant teenager. Her return will change everything for her family, but when secrets from her father’s past are revealed she may wish she stayed away. A story like this, filled with family conflict just as exciting as the horse racing and the plot twists is not to be missed.

Weekend Warriors

For the reader who is interested in strong female friendships, revenge, and a meaty series to dig into. Sometimes husbands cheat, bigoted coworkers steal your thunder, and the legal system doesn’t work as it should. The Sisterhood aims to fix that. Armed with vast resources, top-notch expertise, and a loyal network of allies around the globe, the Sisterhood will not rest until every wrong is made right. Their story starts here.

Falling Stars

For the reader who wants a sweet and festive romance, think Hallmark rom-com but in book form. Emily Ammerman has spent her entire life on the slopes of her family’s Colorado resort and could teach anyone to ski. Zach Ryder is a scene stealing movie star who has just been assigned as her newest student. Secretly, Emily is his biggest fan. But she can definitely keep things professional with him, or can she?


For readers who are interested in a complex page-turner of a mystery solved by amateur sleuths. Luna and Cullan Bodman are two siblings that could not be more different, but have always been close, even opening a furniture restoration shop/café together as an extension of their family’s antique business. When Luna grows suspicious about a piece Cullan recently acquired, the two are thrust down the rabbit hole to learn the truth of its past, which will prove far more dangerous than either ever thought possible!

Cinders to Satin

For readers in the mood for an epic historical romance. Callie James learned to survive on little growing up on the streets of Dublin, so when the chance came to travel to New York City she jumped at it. There she met Byrch Kenyon who offered her friendship and encouragement; Rossiter Powers, the spoiled son of a wealthy family who saw only what he wanted from her; and Hugh MacDuff, a man who only had love and compassion to offer her. But Callie will realize she is more than the sum of what these men see in her and will take charge of her own destiny.