A Deadly Sweet Treat

By Kaye George

How deadly can a sweet tooth be?

Yes, I know all about cavities, the logical results of eating very good things. I’ve always had an active sweet tooth myself. In fact, almost all my molars are crowned. But let’s not talk about that. My sweet tooth hasn’t killed me!


When I started to write this book, the second mystery in the cozy Vintage Sweets series, I cast about for themes that had to do with a “deadly sweet tooth,” of course. (For this contract, I supplied the theme, characters, and plots, and the publisher gave me three titles to work with.) Since sugar hasn’t succeeded in killing me, I couldn’t have it kill m victim. It would have to be something else, right?

I’m not going to give my plot away completely, though. Sorry!

Topic switch! Let’s talk about the good aspects of a sweet tooth. Sure, there are good aspects, right? It’s a natural food. Sugar gives you energy. I know I get a boost from chocolate, for sure. What do you get energy from?

Point Two in Sugar’s favor—it also elevates my mood. Nothing makes me crankier than being out of cookies. Or chocolate. There are other good mood boosters, like sunshine, being outside, being with friends (creatively, at this writing), nice reviews (if you’re a writer or a seller of anything else that people can give reviews for). Other good mood boosters? Other than chemicals?


Third, sugar also supplies people with a creative outlet, dreaming up candies, and other goodies. Ways to use sugar. It doesn’t do us any good sitting in the sugar bad, jar, whatever. Candies can be original in ingredients, shape, texture, and color. They’re fun to make, whether alone, or in a crowded kitchen full of friends or relatives. Do you have happy childhood memories of baking, making candy, or other sugary activities?

Fourth, sugar as art. Consider marzipan. Since the 1200s, sugar sculptures have been created using this mixture of sugar, nuts, also pastes and gums (to hold it together). Some marzipan is almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Not quite. Are there some people who don’t like marzipan?

Fifth, did you know sugar is a preservative? Hey, I ought to live to be 100! It sucks the water out of bacteria and then the bacteria can’t grow.

Sixth, you can use sugar for rocket fuel. Okay, model rockets, but those are rockets. Some scientists are actually working on making sugary car fuel. I hope this doesn’t use up too much so there won’t be any left to eat.


I hope my Vintage Sweets series is a sweet fix for cozy mystery readers everywhere, an antidote to the present conditions in our world. I’ve set all three novels BV (before virus) so my readers can visit that world and take comfort in what was good there. I also hope that the next iteration of Life on Earth eventually becomes enjoyable again. More sweet than sour. Lots more sweet. Stay safe, my beloved readers, and I’ll do the same.

Note: I got some of these facts from: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/68445/15-sweet-facts-about-sugar

Deadly Sweet Tooth by Kaye GeorgeVintage sweets, a deadly surprise, and a mischievous Maine Coon cat—Deadly Sweet Tooth is the delightful cozy mystery you’ve been waiting for!
In a darling tourist town like Fredericksburg, Texas, a vintage sweet shop offering delicious old-fashioned favorites is a perfect fit—until someone decides to debut a recipe that’s lusciously lethal…

With Tally’s Old Tyme Sweets finally—well, almost—turning a profit, Tally Holt is taking one busy Saturday off to host a grand party for her parents, traveling performers who spend most of their time on the road. Tally’s counting on the publicity and free treats to attract new customers. And the event is a sweet success—at least until Fran Abraham, the town’s foul-tempered theater director, drops dead after a bitter confrontation with Tally’s mother.

Murder was definitely not on Tally’s menu, but it’s clear that Fran’s death wasn’t natural. The list of possible culprits includes not just Tally’s mom, but her protective dad too. Relying on Yolanda Bella, her best friend and the proprietor of Bella’s Baskets next door, for help, Tally will need to unwrap the sticky pasts and unsavory presents of everyone from her own parents to her new hires before Fran’s death sours everybody on her fledgling shop….

Recipe included! And this one promises not to kill…