A Bouquet of Books for a Mom Who…Isn’t Like Other Moms

Maybe your mom isn’t like other moms. Does she like the color black, rock ‘n’ roll and whisky? Maybe paired with leather pants and some combat boots? We have a bouquet of ideas for her too!

Gangsters vs. Nazis by Michael Benson

Black Roses symbolize death and mourning, but also stand for rebirth. They perfectly fit Gangsters vs. Nazis which features true stories of Jewish gangsters and crime families joining forces to fight back against the rise of Naziism in America.

Twenty Years Later by Charlie Donlea

Strong, perennial, and evergreen – Twenty Years Later is the perfect book for moms who love ivy. Set twenty years after a brutal murder, a woman seeks to clear her sister’s name. But the more secrets that are uncovered, the more intricate and never-ending the trail of lies from the past become.

You Can Run by Rebecca Zanetti

You Can Run is set in Washington as a serial killer runs loose taunting lead investigator Laurel Snow. The nodding onion, known to grow in the woods of WA, is perfect for a mom who loves a thrilling suspense book set in the wilderness.

Unstable by Alexandra Ivy

Complex and stunning, Unstable is a twisty read for a mom who just can’t watch enough Cold Case and needs a crime to solve right now. Pressed violets are beautiful but scentless, best displayed, and perfect for someone who doesn’t have much time on their hands (because they’re hot on the case).

Cold Snap by Marc Cameron

The black orchid symbolizes strength, success, and absolute authority – exactly what Arliss Cutter stands for! Cold Snap takes place in the Alaskan wilderness as Arliss must hunt a serial killer with four ruthless prisoners on the run. 

Forever Texas by William W. Johnstone and J. A. Johnstone

For the mom who armchair travels to the wild, wild west on a regular basis, Forever Texas and cactus flowers are the perfect fit. Adventurous and unsuspected, the cactus flower blooms against all odds in the desert – much like Johnstone’s characters themselves.