A Bird Nut-and-Seed Ball with Meera Lester

If you enjoy watching backyard birds foraging at a feeder or snacking on what they can find left in the autumn garden, consider crafting a special food source for them.

With the winter holidays around the corner, fall is an optimum time to clean out the cupboards of unused dried bread crumbs, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds. It’s important to keep those feeders filled, not only to provide energy sources for migrating birds that must fly hundreds and even thousands of miles, but also to support backyard flocks. A nut-and-seed ball is a special treat for your backyard friends. It’s is an easy project with a short ingredient list, and you can make it in under an hour.

For best results use equal parts dry ingredients to fat.

Nuts (peanuts in the shell, cracked corn, and seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, Nyjer, and millet)

Fat (lard, suet, peanut butter, or a mixture of them; avoid bacon fat and turkey fat and anything salty),

Dried bread crumbs

Dried fruit (for example, apricots, dates, apple slices)

You’ll need about 18 inches of twine or string enough to thread through the ball, peanut shells, and dried fruit and also to hang the finished ball from a tree branch). A kabob skewer works well to poke holes in the ball, peanut shells, and dried fruit and to push the twine through the holes.

To make, simply combine the fat with the bread crumbs, nuts, and seeds (ratio of fat to dry ingredients is 1:1). Form into a ball. Pierce the ball, peanuts, apple slices, and dried fruit with the skewer. Thread everything onto the twine. If necessary, double knot the twine between items to hold them in place. Hang in the garden.

*If the fat in the ball becomes too warm to be workable, put it into the freezer for an hour.

* * *
Hang the finished nut-and-seed ball in the garden to attract the birds

The ingredients from clockwise to left to right are fat, peanuts, twine, apple slices, breadcrumbs, dried fruits and nuts.

A kabob skewer is a handy tool to create holes in apple slices, dried apricots, dates, and peanuts; the twine is then threaded through and tied off.



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