The Sisterhood Series Returns + A Special Teaser!

USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Fern Michaels is back! The Sisterhood series continues with another explosive story from your favorite female vigilantes. Keep scrolling to find a special excerpt from Tick Tock!

In a thrilling new story of female empowerment, adventure, and vigilante justice from the legendary bestseller Fern Michaels, The Sisterhood reunites to avenge an attack against one of their own…

The Sisterhood: a group of women from all walks of life bound by friendship and years of adventure. Armed with vast resources, top-notch expertise, and a loyal network of allies around the globe, the Sisterhood will not rest until every wrong is made right.

The women of the Sisterhood have developed a motto: “Whatever it takes.” Regardless of how dangerous an adversary may be, or how overwhelming the odds against them seem, the group’s devotion to each other and to their cause has helped them achieve the seemingly impossible.

But there’s a price to pay for success. In the course of both their official careers and their top-secret missions, the Sisterhood—and their menfolk—have acquired enemies. Myra has been feeling uneasy of late, and her fears are justified when her adopted daughter, Nikki, is seriously injured. With Nikki in a coma, and Nikki’s partner, Jack, convinced that the organization’s online security has been breached, the women of the Sisterhood are more vulnerable than they’ve ever been.

On their trail is a vicious felon with scores to settle and a network of accomplices willing to do his bidding, for a price. He’s set his sights on vengeance, and the attack on Nikki is just the beginning. Though frantic with worry about her daughter, Myra and her beloved Charles know it’s time to summon the others and figure out how to take the fight to the enemy’s door. Because no one targets one of their own and gets away with it . . .



He was determined to get even with the people who put him behind bars. It didn’t matter that he was guilty. He didn’t care about that. All he cared about was revenge. Fourteen years of his life in prison had made him a very angry man, and he was hell-bent on tracking down the people who put him there. He was going to show them who was more cunning. More clever. He was going to make them wish they’d never laid eyes on him.

But the fourteen years weren’t a total waste. The prison program encouraged the inmates to learn new skills. And he did. Now he was about to put them to work. He learned a lot about computers, programming, and best of all, 3D printing. All of those newly learned abilities were perfect companions to his past proficiencies. He wasn’t going to let a miscalculation stand in his way. Not this time.

One by one, he was going to show everyone just how talented he was. He knew he wasn’t the capo mastermind of the crew, but between his skills and the others’, their plans would come to fruition. With the help of his fraternity of former inmates, Darius was about to unleash the pent-up wrath he held for those who took away years from his life. He felt no remorse. The only thing that mattered was punishing the punishers.


Sometimes listening to other people’s advice could land you in the slammer. But when you did something stupid on your own . . . well, you had no one else to blame. Leroy knew it was a long shot, but it could have changed everything for him. He could have gotten out of the dump he was living in. But it didn’t happen the way he planned.

There was an upside to all of it. He befriended—if you could call inmates friends—a dude who claimed he had some cash stashed away. Now that he was out, he could help his pal and make his fantasy come true. He just needed to wait until he got his orders. But he had to be careful. He didn’t want to blow his parole. Again.

Los Angeles

It was tough in the beginning for him to adjust to a more modest lifestyle. But that would end soon. Once his fellow former inmate arranged for the transfer of funds, he could leave the country. And that would be fine with him. Eventually he would work his way to a no-extradition country and live the life of luxury again. But first, Eric and his cohorts had a few things to do. As long as they stuck to the plan, life would be very different in a short time.

Las Vegas

Lucky for him, he was able to move from Ohio to Nevada. He still had to register with the state, regardless which one he was in. He didn’t think it was fair. Why him? Other ex-cons didn’t have to register anything or anywhere once they finished their parole. Why is child pornography worse than bank robbery or murder? He didn’t know the answer, but he was about to change his life and name for good. He patiently waited for the rest of his cronies to get out and get settled, and then the plan would roll.

When they were in prison, he took a liking to the white-collar crime dude who had scammed millions. The guy was so out of his element that Bennie almost felt sorry for him. Almost. The Gucci-loafer fella needed some protection while in the slammer. He was a little too pretty and was an easy mark. Having played and coached football, Bennie was large enough to become the guy’s bodyguard, and the man promised him a bonus when they got out.

They all had their own agenda, but the payoff would be the same for each of them. $50k. Not bad for two weeks’ work. Better than what Bennie got in the slammer: $7.23 a month. It was almost unfathomable to calculate how much it was per hour. Bennie was relatively certain there would be a few “detours” before he could become anonymous. At this point in his life, he knew there were always detours. What they would be? He did not know. All he knew was that he would be responsible for setting up the logistics.