A Catered Wedding

A Mystery With Recipes #2

by Isis Crawford

Published by: Kensington Books

304 Pages

  • ISBN: 9781617735202
  • On Sale: 09/30/2013
  • FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Cozy / Culinary

$1.99 (USD)

Someone’s shot an arrow at the bride, and it isn’t Cupid…A mystery filled with “clever dialogue and an eccentric supporting cast” (Publishers Weekly).
Bernadette and Libby Simmons have been working twelve-hour days, and between whipping up sweet treats and catering high school graduation parties, the sisters have to fit one more event into their busy schedule: catering a high-society wedding that takes a very low turn…

Leeza Sharp is getting ready to have the wedding of her dreams. She’s got a $25,000 dress (gorgeous and made to order), a rich Estonian fiancé (head of a multimillion-dollar caviar empire) and a four-star menu (planned by none other than Bernie and Libby). Never mind that she's not really in love with her boring, bland groom-to-be.

But the dream wedding turns into a nightmare. Hours before she’s scheduled to walk down the aisle, Leeza takes an arrow to the chest. Now Libby and Bernadette have more on their minds than pouring Cristal and cutting up wedding cake: they’ve got an archery-inclined killer to find…

Includes 6 delectable recipes for you to try!

“The sisters’ playful rivalry, clever dialogue and an eccentric supporting cast make for plenty of cozy fun.”—Publishers Weekly

“Frequent humor, a couple of little-old-lady Marxists, and several delicious recipes complete the cozy picture. Recommended for culinary mystery fans.”—Library Journal