The Electrifying Exploits of the English Three

English Three

by Elysabeth Williams

Published by: Lyrical Press

205 pages

  • ISBN: 9781616502232
  • Published: January 2011

$9.99 (USD)

English Three, #1

Can three women stop the destruction of the Tower Bridge?

Eliza, Miriam, and Jillian are friends by fate, employment, and society. In the London of 1894, they receive a directive from their mysterious boss to investigate, and stop, the Countess Wilmont's plot to destroy the newly erected Tower Bridge.

Delving into a secret world of masterful training in martial arts, curious new technologies and weaponry, the women are armed and very dangerous.

Their investigation reveals a terrible truth about two of their husbands, and along the way they meet three men who will change their world. . .and show them that gentlemen aren't always what they seem.

Content warning: Sex and violence.

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