The Bookshop on Autumn Lane

A Truhart Novel #3

by Cynthia Tennent

Published by: Lyrical Press

Imprint: Lyrical Press

320 Pages, 0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00

  • ISBN: 9781601836458
  • On Sale: 10/11/2016
  • FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

$1.99 (USD)

After inheriting her aunt’s bookshop in small town Michigan, a free-spirited young woman finds a love story in the stacks in this sweet romance novel.
While some women would jump through hoops to have their own bookshop, Gertrude “Trudy” Brown wants nothing to do with the rundown store her late Aunt Gertrude left her.  Having suffered from dyslexia all her life, books aren’t exactly her friends. And her memories of Truhart, Michigan, aren’t exactly happy. But now Trudy’s back in the tiny town, with little more than her pet collie and a rusty but trusty ’74 Beetle, determined to sell off her inheritance as quickly as possible . . .
But Trudy isn’t the only newcomer in town. Christopher “Kit” Darlington, a professor of American Studies at Cambridge, is searching for an elusive manuscript—and he secretly thinks Trudy’s ramshackle bookshop might hold the key to its discovery. As these two opposites spend the autumn days together, cleaning out Trudy’s bookshop, they soon find that uncovering both literature and love can be equally mysterious . . .