Confederate Vixen


by Teresa Howard

Published by: eKensington

432 Pages

  • ISBN: 9781601831897
  • On Sale: 10/01/1993
  • FICTION / Romance / Historical / General

$4.28 (USD)

As a spy for President Jefferson Davis, spirited patriot Kinsey Blake could fight for her beloved South. . .and for the sake of her dead husband, she would have her revenge! If only the man she suspected of his murder--Major Dr. Chapman Turner--weren't so handsome and charming. No sooner had Kinsey set eyes on the virile Union officer than hunger for vengeance exploded in soul-searing desire. . .a passion that branded her soul and divided her heart. . .

Chap had seen enough blood to last a lifetime, and the war was still far from over. He needed to escape the chaos and destruction--and exquisite, emerald-eyed Kinsey seemed to offer just such a haven. Though he sensed that she harbored dangerous secrets, fiery passion soon consumed all doubts. Now all Chap wanted was this stormy beauty in his arms for endless nights of soaring rapture--two lovers bound forever in a joyous union that knew no sides and took no prisoners. . .