Rapture's Betrayal


by Candace McCarthy

Published by: eKensington

384 Pages

  • ISBN: 9781601831101
  • On Sale: 01/02/2014
  • FICTION / Romance / Historical / General

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She Learned Of Love In A Time Of War. . .

When patriotic Kirsten Van Atta found a Continental soldier lying wounded in the woodland path near her New Jersey colony home, she knew she must do what she could for the Revolutionary cause and nurse him back to health. It was a risky undertaking--there were British soldiers in residence at the local tavern. But the greatest threat came from the soldier himself. His broad-shouldered strength and russet brown eyes made her long to embark on desire's rapturous course, though she knew little about Richard Maddox except that he would soon leave her. . .

He Risked His Life For A Dangerous Passion. . .

Richard Maddox owed his life to the blond, blue-eyed ministering angel who'd found him when he was near death. But could he trust her, when spies were everywhere and his mission was so important? And what would she think if she saw him in his Tory uniform? The dangers were many, but in the midst of the horror of war, he could not deny himself the chance to sample the pleasures that Kirsten's lush flesh and tender touch promised. . .

110,000 Words