Hustle Hard

If It Ain't About the Money #2

by Saundra

Published by: Kensington

Imprint: Dafina

320 Pages, 4.00 x 6.00 x 0.00 in

  • ISBN: 9781496711991
  • On Sale: 08/27/2019
  • FICTION / African American / Urban

$7.99 (USD)

Three friends who escaped the streets. Now they're cashing in on a brilliant hustle and living their million-dollar dreams. But it may cost them their friendship—and their lives.
For Isis, Secret, and Penny, the good times just keep getting better. As “managers” of Miami's hottest custom car shop, they’re moving vast kilos of product faster than their scammer boss, Kirk, can pimp out rides—and living la vida luxurious. So they’ve got things under control when Secret and Penny's alcoholic mother shows up needing help. And when Isis' one-time love, Bobbi, begs for another chance—complete with a huge payoff—she's got his loot on lock and temptation at arm's length …
But fast money brings ever more lethal problems. Penny falls into a vicious spiral of addiction no amount of cold hard cash can break. As Secret and Isis struggle to save her, a vengeful enemy goes hard after Kirk and the business, putting all three women in the crosshairs. And as they fight to save what they've built, staying alive means risking unthinkable options—and  betrayal no friendship can forgive …
 “Tough, smart characters. . . . Fans of Cydney Rax will enjoy this fast-moving drama.”
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