To Tame A Texan

Panorama of the Old West #22

by Georgina Gentry

Published by: Zebra Books

352 Pages

  • ISBN: 9781420138399
  • On Sale: 05/16/2014
  • FICTION / Romance / Historical / General

$0.99 (USD)


Schoolteacher Lynnie McBride has only one reason for attending the Valentine Ball at the state capital, and it's not romance. The suffragette protest she's planned is sure to get the attention of the governor and the legislators present. But her escort, roguish Ace Durango, is nothing but an irritation—until her "Votes for Woman" banner causes a riot that lands them both in jail, and costs Lynnie her teaching position. Spending another minute with irresponsible Ace is punishment enough in Lynnie's eyes, even if his good looks and charm are suddenly hard to ignore. . .

. . .UNTIL SHE METS THE RIGHT MANAs far as Ace is concerned, taking the prim little schoolmarm to the ball more than repaid the favor he owed his parents. Now circumstances have conspired to make Ace the boss on one last cattle drive to Kansas, giving him a chance to prove to his family that he can handle whatever the job- and his future inheritance-brings. Unless it's Miss McBride herself, tagging along to attend a women's rights meeting in Dodge City. Suddenly Ace wonders if he can hold his own against the feisty young thing who won't take no for an answer –and who just might be the partner of his dreams. . .