Apache Tears

Panorama of the Old West #18

by Georgina Gentry

Published by: Zebra Books

352 Pages,

  • ISBN: 9781420138238
  • Published: May 2014
  • FICTION / Romance / Historical / General

$4.99 (USD)

"Nobody does it like Georgina Gentry" (Barbra Critiques). Now, the award-winning author of Comanche Cowboy and Cheyenne Song thrills readers once again with the unforgettable story of a love and wild and untamed as the American West.


Spirited heiress Libbie Winters was horrified to find herself in the midst of an Apache rebellion—and amazed to discover that her captor, a virile half-breed scout named Cougar, was the same man who offered her his prized Apache Tears necklace a year before. And though she was promised in marriage to a vengeful Cavalry officer, Libbie could not forget her powerful attraction to the fearless Apache hero.


Believing she had rejected his gift, Cougar's heart was hardened toward the haughty white girl he now held for ransom. Yet he could not deny the desire this flame-haired beauty aroused in him, or the love he longed to give her. He knew it was impossible to hold the fiery woman whose spirit was as free as his own—unless Libbie made the dangerous choice to embrace the passion burning between them. . .

"You'll sing the praises of Cheyenne Song. It's Gentry's best book yet!" – Janelle Taylor