Nothing But Deception

Daring Damsels #2

by Allegra Gray

Published by: Zebra Books

352 Pages

  • ISBN: 9781420119275
  • On Sale: 08/01/2010
  • FICTION / Romance / Historical / General

$5.69 (USD)

Some risks simply beg to be taken...

Beatrice, Lady Pullingham, knows the type of captivating beauty who inspires great art--or at least, she thinks she does, until Paris' most exciting young painter invites her to pose for him. Incredulous, Bea nonetheless has the sense to accept Philippe's invitation, and in so doing, signs on for lessons in seduction that give her the courage to embark on the adventure of a lifetime...

Secrets. Jean-Philippe Durand has had enough of them. First, his mother's deathbed revelation--the one that brought him to England in search of his true father. And now, the secrets kept by the Englishwoman who has become his muse. Philippe wants more than just to paint Beatrice, he wants to show her every pleasure society has denied her--and she's denied herself. But there's something Beatrice isn't telling him, and his art only allows for truth...