Powerful Profits From Craps

Powerful Profits

by Victor H Royer

Published by: Citadel Press

240 Pages,

  • ISBN: 9780818407840
  • On Sale: 07/29/2014
  • GAMES / Gambling / Table

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Beat The House With Tips From One Of Today's Top Pros

Successful players know that Craps offers some of the best odds of winning of any casino game—but only if you know the tips and tricks the pros use! With the expert, easy-to-follow advice in this fully updated book, you'll learn:

Why playing Craps may be your best bet at any casino
How to virtually eliminate the "House Edge"
Tricks some casinos use to lower your payouts
Why all Craps games aren't the same
How to find a casino that gives you the best chance of winning
And much, much more!

Through his nationally renowned gambling column, Victor H. Royer has helped thousands become more successful players, and he can help you, too! With his proven, step-by-step method, he takes the mystery out of playing Craps, from understanding the basic rules and etiquette to wagering strategies that can really increase your odds. You'll be able to play immediately, and as your understanding and confidence grow, you'll learn the nuances of the game and discover why so many professional gamblers think Craps is your best casino bet. If you'd like to become a more successful player, get Powerful Profits from Craps, because gambling is fun—but winning is better!

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