Simply Green:

Easy, Money-Saving Tips for Eco-Friendly Families

by Melissa Seligman and David Seligman

Published by: Citadel Press

240 Pages,

  • ISBN: 9780806535708
  • On Sale: 03/01/2012
  • NATURE / Environmental Conservation & Protection

$8.46 (USD)

It's Not About Politics.
It's About Caring--And What Every Family Can Do!

Written by a passionately concerned couple--David Seligman is an active duty U.S. serviceman and Melissa is a devoted stay-at-home mom--this is the first book about going green that won't scare you with statistics, overwhelm you with science, or make you feel guilty about your SUV. Instead, this indispensable guide will help families everywhere to take simple, practical steps, to lower their energy consumption and help create a healthier planet--and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Simply Green takes a fresh look at every part of your household and every aspect of your life, from what you teach your children to what you put in your laundry machines. Full of energy-saving and money-saving "Green Tips," Simply Green shows how to:

   • Use recycled water around your house and garden

   • Heat and cool your home while you lower your energy bill

   • Throw away less trash

   • Make your own, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions

   • Lower the power usage of your appliances

   • Choose indoor houseplants that help purify the air

   • Make green awareness an active part of your family's life--and have more fun in the natural world

   • And much more!

Filled with dozens of useful resources, surprising facts and a long list of options for "going green," Simply Green is for those of us who may not be able to afford to make huge changes--but can't not afford to do what we can.

*Printed on recycled paper.

Melissa and David Seligman run their Tennessee home using their "simply green" principles. David has a degree in natural resource conservation and management with an emphasis in environmental policy. He has worked as an environmental educator for Lexington Parks and Recreation and does GIS-related work for the U.S. Army. Melissa is the author of The Day After He Left for Iraq, and her work has appeared in The Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper. They live in Memphis.