Lost Arts of War:

Ancient Secrets of Strategy and Mind Control

by Dr. Haha Lung

Published by: Citadel Press

256 Pages,

  • ISBN: 9780806535500
  • On Sale: 10/24/2011
  • SPORTS & RECREATION / Martial Arts & Self-Defense

$12.99 (USD)

Sun Tzu's The Art of War is an acknowledged masterpiece--for the general reader. Yet the deeper truths of strategy and mind manipulation have been, until now, known only to true scholars dedicated to deciphering illegible scrolls and mastering the nuances of lost languages. Now, Dr. Haha Lung has at last gathered and fully translated these teachings from the shadows of history--the truly dangerous wisdom of the lesser-known masters--and presents them here for those daring, perhaps unwisely, to attain a higher level of dominance. You'll discover:

The 12 Cuts: Voritomo's Art of War

The War Scroll of Spartacus

Musashi's 6 Ways to be Victorious

The 99 Truths: Hannibal's Black Art of War

And much more

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Dr. Haha Lung is the author of more than a dozen books on martial arts, including Ultimate Mind Control, Mind Penetration, Mind Fist, The Nine Halls of Death, Assassin!, Mind Manipulation, Knights of Darkness, and Mind Control: The Ancient Art of Psychological Warfare.