The Trainwreckers

The Guns of Samuel Pritchard #4

by Sean Lynch

Published by: Kensington

Imprint: Pinnacle

384 Pages, 4.75 x 7.00 x 0.00 in

  • ISBN: 9780786048564
  • On Sale: 10/26/2021
  • FICTION / Westerns

$8.99 (USD)

From bestselling author and law enforcement veteran Sean Lynch, the fourth installment in the epic saga of Samuel Pritchard, a young man coming of age in the Civil War, riding tall with the Texas Rangers, and becoming one of the greatest gunfighters of his time…

Gunfighting legend Sam Pritchard tracks down a notorious train saboteur—and nearly goes off the rails—in this fast-paced Western adventure from acclaimed author Sean Lynch...


1875. The escalating rivalry between the two major railroad companies takes a dangerous—and deadly—turn when a train is deliberately derailed. Many are killed. More are injured. And Marshal Samuel Pritchard's longtime friend is crippled for life. The mastermind behind the train wreck claims to be the infamous Civil War criminal Jem Rupe, aka “The Trainwrecker of Platte Bridge." There's just one problem: Rupe has been dead for ten years...

With an oath of vengeance on his lips—and a pair of Colt .45s on his hips—Pritchard sets off to find the trainwrecking fiend, whether it's really Jem Rupe or some copy-cat maniac. Either way, he'll have to ride the rails with some pretty deranged characters—crooked railroad tycoons, ruthless bounty hunters, trigger-happy gunfighters—before he reaches the end of the line. There's just one way to stop a mass transit murderer...and that's dead in his tracks.