Little Girls

by Ronald Malfi

Published by: Kensington

448 Pages, 4.20 x 7.50 x 1.10 in

  • ISBN: 9780786041381
  • On Sale: 06/27/2017
  • FICTION / Horror

$9.99 (USD)

From Bram Stoker Award nominee Ronald Malfi comes a chilling novel of childhood revisited, memories resurrected, and fears reborn . . .

After years away, Laurie returns to the home where she was raised by a cold, distant father who recently exorcised his demons. But no amount of cleaning can wipe away the troubled past. She feels it lurking in the broken moldings, sees it staring from an empty picture frame, hears it laughing in the moldy greenhouse deep in the woods . . .

At first, Laurie thinks she’s imagining things. But when she meets her daughter’s new playmate, she notices her uncanny resemblance to another little girl who used to live next door. Who died next door. With each passing day, Laurie’s uneasiness grows stronger, her thoughts more disturbing. Like her father, is she slowly losing her mind? Or is something truly unspeakable happening?

“Much more than a haunted house story.” —Cemetery Dance Magazine

“Takes well-known tropes and completely turns them around.” —IHeartReading

“Slowly but surely creeps under your skin.” —The Horror Bookshelf

“The perfect ghost story.” —HorrorBuzz