Valor In The Ashes

Ashes #9

by William W. Johnstone

Published by: Pinnacle Books

432 Pages

  • ISBN: 9780786038411
  • On Sale: 11/20/2014
  • FICTION / Action & Adventure

$5.69 (USD)


After nuclear war, an ex-soldier leads a band of rebels against evil cannibal mutants in New York City—from a USA Today–bestselling author.

A decade has passed since the nuclear nightmare of the Great War brought America to the brink of destruction. Out of the smoldering ashes, Ben Raines has emerged to build a new society in this once proud land. But in this hellish new world there is evil lurking, evil that will stop at nothing to destroy the dream of a new America.

Leaving a small rear-guard detachment at their home base in Louisiana, Ben Raines and his rebel army begin an overload expedition to New York City—the armed Hell on Earth of the cannibalistic mutants known as the Night People. For Raines and his rebels, it means clearing skyscrapers floor by floor and stalking an endless labyrinth of underground tunnels—a perilous search-and-destroy mission that will decide the fate of freedom's cause.

Ninth in the long-running series!