Someone Has To Die Tonight

by Jim Greenhill

Published by: Pinnacle Books

448 Pages,

  • ISBN: 9780786038329
  • On Sale: 11/20/2014
  • TRUE CRIME / Murder / General

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Lords Of Chaos
It was big news in Ft. Myers, Florida when an abandoned historic building was destroyed by vandals in a spectacular blast.  Behind it lay the Lords of Chaos, a band of teenage misfits led by Kevin Foster, 18, a vicious hatemonger who idolized Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and was known as "God" to his five-man gang.

Vortex Of Violence
The explosion was only one episode in a month-long crime spree that began with vandalism and theft, escalating into what a local sheriff later called "a vortex of bloodlust and arson."  The rampage culminated in the brutal shotgun murder of high school band director Mark Schwebes, 32. Police busted the gang before they could unleash a planned racist mass murder at Disney World--but their leader wasn't done yet.
Compulsion To Kill
Author Jim Greenhill conducted extensive interviews with Kevin Foster on Florida's Death Row. In an astounding development, Greenhill was solicited by the prisoner and his mother Ruby Foster to arrange the killings of three witnesses, leading to a new case against Foster in 2002. Here is the chilling inside story of how a pack of teenage losers found a way to succeed--at murder.  .  .

16 Pages Of Shocking Photos

Praise for Jim Greenhill and Someone Has to Die Tonight

"Fascinatingly lurid  . . . insightful and well written. . . . Greenhill has brought the light of excellent reporting and emotional insight to the brooding darkness that consumes fringe-dwellers at virtually any high school."
--Mike Clark, The Durango Herald (Durango, CO)
"Recommended reading. . . . True crime in the strictest sense . . . the most factual account possible of the events of that stormy April."
--Jay MacDonald, The News-Press (Fort Myers, FL)
"Greenhill, a big fan of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood, did his hero proud . . . the most detailed true crime you will read."
--Sam Cook, The News-Press (Fort Myers, FL)
"Meticulously reported and carefully crafted, a major debut."
--Gregg Olsen, bestselling author of Abandoned Prayers
"Riveting and gut wrenching."
--Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, bestselling author of On Killing
"A searing look, by a true journalist, behind a sordid tale of murder and deception--a real page-turner."
--M. William Phelps, author of Murder in the Heartland
"An extraordinary book . . . compelling . . . it accumulates force as it rolls along and winds up flooring you with the sheer power of Greenhill's reporting."
--Bob Norman, The Daily Pulp