Going Postal

by Don Lasseter

Published by: Pinnacle Books

320 Pages

  • ISBN: 9780786037964
  • On Sale: 09/10/2014
  • TRUE CRIME / General

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"You Get To A Point Where You Can Take Just So Much."
EDMOND, OK-Postal employee Patrick Henry Sherrill fatally shoots 14 co-workers before turning the gun on himself.
ESCONDIDO, CA-Postal employee John Merlin Taylor murders his wife in her sleep before executing 2 colleagues at work.
RIDGEWOOD, NJ-Postal employee Joseph H. Harris breaks into his boss's house and slashes her to death with a samurai sword after losing his job.
ROYAL OAK, MI-Postal employee Thomas Mellvane shoots and kills three supervisors following his dismissal, then pumps a bullet into his own head.
Are they vengeful, cool-blooded killers? Or model employees driven beyond the brink of madness? Bloody massacres across America have struck like an epidemic, leaving a stunned nation in shock and mourning as growing numbers of disgruntled postal workers savagely strike out at the bosses who criticized or fired them.
With this deadly violence on the rise, true crime author Don Lassester travels coast to coast probing the lives and grisly crimes of these enraged killers. Including first-hand accounts by the survivors and witnesses, GOING POSTAL asks who's to blame as it explores this horrifying, exclusively American phenomenon that is turning post offices into ticking time bombs.
With 12 pages of shocking photographs!