You'll Never Find My Body

by Don Lasseter and Ronald E. Bowers

Published by: Pinnacle Books

384 Pages,

  • ISBN: 9780786026692
  • On Sale: 04/19/2010
  • TRUE CRIME / Murder / General

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No Evidence.  .  .
On April 22, 1991 three young children waited for their mother, Ann Racz, to return with a takeout dinner. Instead, their father showed up with a small bag of cold French fries and said their mother had gone away. Ann's children didn't believe it. Neither did her friends. And neither did the police. But there was zero evidence that anything had happened to Ann.

No Body.  .  .
Los Angeles detectives dug furiously into the case, grilling John Racz and searching for clues. But without a body, the investigation stalled, and three children grew up wondering what had happened to their loving mother--and if their father had killed her.

And A Killer In Plain Sight.  .  .
Fourteen years later, a brilliant female prosecutor defied the legal establishment and delved into the cold case, uncovering shocking information about Ann and her relationship with John. Suddenly, a crusading prosecutor was up against the most difficult kind of murder case of all: to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that John Racz had murdered his wife--despite the fact that her body was never found.  .  .

With 16 pages of photos