Hot For It

by Melissa MacNeal

Published by: Kensington Books

336 pages

  • ISBN: 9780758283160
  • Published: October 2013


Sex On The Beach Never Tasted Sooo Good!

Living on her own private Caribbean island home would be bliss for romance writer Cat Gamble. . .if she had some studly hunk to share it with. All work and no foreplay make Cat a very dull girl! So she puts an ad on the Internet inviting some good-looking boy-toys to come play. When Captain Jack Spankevopoulos offers to kidnap her and make her an exotic love slave on his Captive Fantasy, she's hot for it--and for him.

But who knew she would be captured by the wrong pirates?

Now Cat is the sex slave of two real pirates who are holding her for ransom. . .and their own personal sexual pleasure. Instead of being scared, Cat is aroused by the sensual orgy surrounding her. Now free to indulge in every secret fantasy she's ever had, Cat wonders whether she wants to escape--or surrender to her own erotic desires. . .


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