6 Page-Turning Tales of Friendship

Just in time for Friendsgiving, and all the holidays to come, we can’t help thinking about what we’ll be bringing to the party! As a side to the main dish, Kensington will be bringing some awesome, Erewhon reads! Don’t just take our word for it, either – give these lovely reads depicting the power of bonds and friendship to your found family this year! After passing the stuffing, of course.

So much of life is about finding yourself with your friends and your family at your side. That is why we find the whirlwind journey Alicia takes in River Mumma so relatable, the importance of her normal life only heightened by the magical realist spin at play. River Mumma is an exhilarating contemporary fantasy novel about a young Black woman who navigates her quarter-life-crisis while embarking on a mythical quest through the streets of Toronto.

If “we were girls together” were a book! Celebrate those women in your life that have helped you discover yourself. As they say, there is nothing quite like female friends, especially queer female friendships and the ability to make that community together, and that’s what we like about Scapegracers. Scapegracers is an indie bestseller about witchcraft and friendship among a hell-raising coven of teen girls, told in an unapologetically fierce, inclusive, and vibrant voice.

There’s nothing quite like a friend that’s got your back, though thick and thin, and that’s exactly what Toba and Naftaly can say about those they meet in their respective journeys. The Pomegranate Gate kicks off their adventures in the first book of the Mirror Realm Cycle, a Spanish Inquisition-era fantasy trilogy inspired by Jewish folklore, with echoes of Naomi Novik and Katherine Arden. Brimming with folkloric wonder, The Pomegranate Gate weaves history and magic into a spellbindingly intricate tale suffused with humor and heart.

Everyone knows friends are there for you when you feel your best, and friends are there for you when you feel your worst. Lonely Castle in the Mirror brings together a group of students and, in a Studio-Ghibli-esque manner, explores the theme of mental health amongst our younger generations. Seven students find unusual common ground in this warm, puzzle-like Japanese bestseller laced with gentle fantasy and compassionate insight. Lonely Castle in the Mirror is a mesmerizing, heart-warming novel about the unexpected rewards of embracing human connection.

Who said Friendsgiving couldn’t be for our elders, who most certainly contributed to who we are today? Take The Stone Road, for example. The relationship between Jean and her grandmother, Nan, is one of mentorship, magic, and trust. With the lyrical cadence of The Last Unicorn and intense imagery of A Wizard of Earthsea, The Stone Road is a timeless story of hope, belonging, and growing into your power. Award-winning Australian author Trent Jamieson presents a haunting rural fantasy where the dead speak beneath your feet and twisted monsters’ hunger for their lost humanity.

And last, but most certainly not least, who would we be without our sisters? Even across vast difference, one single cause can bring together the most stark of personalities. In The Beholden, two sisters, a pregnant aristocrat and a scholar-magician, find themselves at the center of a conflict between the immortal being Decay and the Emperor himself. Gorgeous, compelling, and utterly captivating, The Beholden follows Celestia and Izara as they journey from the lush rainforest to a frozen desert on an impossible quest to find a god who doesn’t want to be found and prevent the end of the world.