5 Ways to Support Your Local Library by Susan Mann

Libraries are integral contributors to a vibrant, thriving community. And yet, in times of funding cutbacks, libraries are often at the top of the list of services to be trimmed. Additionally, in our information-glutted society, the need for at all libraries is called into question. In truth, it’s because of this glut of (oftentimes wrong) information that libraries and librarians are required more than ever. Given these realities, how can you support your local library?


  1. Use It

Libraries are more than books. Most offer audiobooks, DVDs, and CDs for check out, as well as access to online journal, reference, and newspaper databases. E-books and e-magazines are often available, too. Then there’s story time for little ones, literacy programming, interlibrary loan, reference help… The list goes on.

  1. Volunteer

Libraries are thrilled to have people donate their time. Helping at a used book sale, delivering books to homebound readers, or sorting through donated materials (we get a lot of those) are just a few of the things you might be asked to do. Check your local library’s website for ways you can get involved.


  1. Friends of the Library Fund

Librarians love cold, hard cash. If you donate to a Friends of the Library fund, you may actually see dollar signs flash in a librarian’s eyes.


  1. School Libraries

Public libraries aren’t the only ones in need of our help. Partner with your child’s teacher and/or school’s media specialist by asking what books you can purchase and donate on their behalf.


  1. Tell Your Friends

People are amazed when they learn of the wide variety of materials and services offered through their library. Become a library ambassador and spread the word!


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