5 Wanderlust Reads

Dreaming of far-off places? Us, too. But, if you aren’t able to get away and travel like you want, these five books are perfect for some armchair travel and you won’t have to deal with airport lines!

Gigi, Listening by Chantel Guertin

Traverse the English countryside with Gigi as she enjoys the dulcet tones of Zane, the tour guide she fell in love with through his narration of romance novels. Gigi may have left her humdrum life behind for this spur of the moment vacation because of Zane but on her journey she’ll bond with an eccentric group of fellow travelers, get to know the brooding bus driver, learn a little something about herself  along the way, and of course appreciate the beauty of England.

Intrigue in Istanbul by Erica Ruth Neubauer

Jane Wunderly may have gone to Istanbul to search for her lost father, but who could blame her for taking the chance to explore this amazing city while she’s there? On her trip she learns of her father’s quest to find the lost heart of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent—a legendary relic from the Ottoman Empire said to possess mystical powers. Her journey to find her father and the heart takes her not just through the many beautiful sites of Turkey but also on a journey mystery readers will adore, aboard the Orient Express!

Murder at an Irish Bakery by Carlene O’Connor

Leading readers through the lush, verdant Irish countryside in the newest Irish Village Mystery, the spectacular sites of County Cork may take the cake but the fascinating murder mystery will certainly keep readers entertained as well. A reality show baking contest has come to town, but when one of the contestants is murdered Siobhan O’Sullivan will have to catch the killer before they strike again…

A Calder at Heart by Janet Dailey

Travel to Montana ranching country and back in time to 1919 in this Janet Dailey romance. Perfect for fans of 1923 and Yellowstone. Former US Army Major Logan Hunter is trying to start over after the death of his wife and children. He makes his way to the Calders, the only family he has left, and buys land to start his own ranch. His land is bordered by the Calders’ rivals, the Dollarhides, sparking competition. But there is one member of their clan, Dr. Kristin Dollarhide, a former military MD, who sparks something different in Logan, something he hasn’t felt for a long time. Take in the rugged Montana landscape and escape to a different time in this scintillating historical romantic read!

The Book Spy by Alan Hlad

Set in Portugal at the close of WWII, an American librarian, Maria Alves, is working overtime to find valuable information for the Allied forces to aid them in victory and provide just enough misinformation to the Axis powers to hurt them without tipping her hand. As she traverses the beautiful city of Lisbon she enjoys the breathtaking sites and meets a charming bookseller, but everything exists under the cloud of war.