5 Thrillers That Will Transport You

A good thriller brings a lot to the table with a ticking clock, a mystery, and peril. However, these thrillers bring that, and so much more with the action set against the backdrop of exciting locations!

Cold Snap

A great entry point into Marc Cameron’s acclaimed Arliss Cutter series. This sees the protagonist stranded in the wilds of Alaska pitted against not only the elements for his survival, but four violent criminals who’ll match his wits to claim his head.

Highland Peril

Amy M. Reade takes us to the moors of the Scottish highlands and lovely lochs as our intrepid heroine stumbles onto a centuries old mystery and a murder where her loving husband might just be the killer.

The Missing

Lisa Childs weaves a gothic thriller on a remote island off the coast of Maine that was once home to a psychiatric hospital and terrible crimes. Now as a new wellness retreat, it’s still keeping secrets that someone is willing to kill to protect.

Don’t Believe It

Charlie Donlea digs deep into popular culture with a thriller set around a true crime podcast and a Spring Break murder in sunny St. Lucia. When the case is reopened, our protagonist uncovers new evidence but she must decide if it’s worth her life.

Shattered Trust

Leslie Esdaile Banks takes us to lush Grand Cayman and a protagonist enjoying her millions, her love, and her family. But a brutal murder brings her enemies to her newfound Eden and the clock is ticking.