5 Must-Read Romances Recommended by Gaia Anders

by Therese Beharrie

1. Undone by the Ex-Con by Talia Hibbert

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Gaia says:

I know that there are a lot of you who believe the Brown sisters’ trilogy is Talia’s best work, but YOU ARE WRONG. I will not be taking questions at this time, thank you.

2. Act Like It by Lucy Parker

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Gaia says:

The first time I ever read stretch marks in a romance novel. 10/10 would recommend.

3. Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron


Gaia says:

You’ll gobble up Farrah’s writing and her characters leap off the page. Read this book and weep – from laughter, and from the hunger of wanting the delicious food the female main character excels at making!

4. His Until Midnight by Reese Ryan

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Gaia says:

If you’re looking for a quick, intense, sexy and satisfying read, look no further than a Reese Ryan category romance. This one in particular is magnificent. Best-friends-to-lovers-to-I-WAS-IN-LOVE-WITH-YOU-ALL-THIS-TIME?

5. Beguiling the Beauty by Sherry Thomas


Gaia says:

One of the most original historical romances I’ve ever read. Sherry Thomas is a master romance author and if you haven’t read her yet, what are you waiting for?

From acclaimed South African author Therese Beharrie, this #OwnVoices rom-com about a romance novelist with a touch of magic is loaded with heart, heat, and smart, sexy banter, while also addressing timely, weighty issues around the foster care system, mental health, and the power of creativity.

In this sparkling new novel, acclaimed author Therese Beharrie delivers a delightfully magical romantic comedy about a woman literally living her dreams—and maybe conjuring a real-life hero …

One unexpected kiss…
A lonely childhood in foster care taught Gaia Anders that the only thing she could trust was her dream life. Now a successful romance author, Gaia has the best of two worlds. Anything she dreams at night is magically written into her bestselling novels. Nothing real can compare—until she get caught up in one utterly surprising, crazy-passionate, waking-life kiss…

One near-perfect guy…
Workaholic businessman Jacob Scott has had a crush on his brother’s best friend, Gaia, since forever, but he never expected this explosive desire. Or that living out his and Gaia’s sexiest fantasies in their now-shared dreams would turn his single-minded ways upside down—and make him want all of the woman behind them…

One dream that could come true…
But Gaia has secrets from her past she won’t reveal. And Jacob’s attempts to keep the peace in his own fractured family put him up against her deepest fears. Now, they must somehow face hard truths about who they are and what they’re running from. And the only way to break this spell means realizing real-life true love’s power…