5 Books That Will Make You Want to Keep the Lights On

Whether you love tales of domestic noir, police procedurals, or cold cases re-examined you will find a suspenseful read here that will make you want to turn on all the lights in your home, and drink coffee through the night to finish reading!

On the Line by Fern Michaels

Accusations and mistrust fly as fast as a chef’s knife in this tense and engaging thriller. Mateo Castillo is a rising star in the New York culinary world but when he is found bleeding out in his kitchen one day it becomes clear all is not well. A string of tests from doctors reveal it was not an outside attacker but his own body that was the cause of Mateo’s near death. The doctor’s answers lead to questions for Mateo’s family, questions that point back to their escape from Colombia years ago to escape infamous drug cartels, and bring up dark truths from the past that threaten the Castillo’s today.

Those Empty Eyes by Charlie Donlea

Alex Armstrong may have been exonerated for the slaughter of her family in a court of law, but not by the court of public opinion. Alex now works as a legal investigator, securing the justice for others she and her family were denied. Her newest case involves the disappearance of a college journalist, Laura McAllister. Laura’s boyfriend was accused of the crime, but Laura was about to break a story on rape and cover-ups on her own college campus, and as Alex investigates she finds shocking connections between Laura and the murder of her own family…

Breakneck by Marc Cameron

Arliss Cutter is back and tasked with protecting a Supreme Court Justice visiting Alaska with her daughter. Excited to explore, Justice Morehouse and her daughter board a sightseeing train, and that is where the Russian mafia strikes. Arliss manages to escape with the judge but the two are hurled into the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness with two thugs in hot pursuit, and the rest of the mafia on the train with the judge’s daughter, who they plan to execute on camera. Now Arliss must use all of his survival skills to keep himself and the judge alive and find a way to catch up to and take over the train to save her daughter!

The Wife Before by Shanora Williams

Fans of domestic noir will love this fresh take on the classic Rebecca. Samira Wilder is blown away by her luck when the handsome and wealthy Roland Graham sweeps her off her feet and marries her in a whirlwind romance. But as the honeymoon phase fades away and Samira is stuck in Roland’s secluded Colorado mansion with no friends or family around she starts to learn things about Roland’s past and his late first wife, Melanie, things that leave her feeling uneasy. After discovering diaries left behind by Melanie Samira becomes more and more suspicious that her death was not an accident, and starts to worry for her own future…

The Girl Who Survived by Lisa Jackson

Kara McIntyre’s life changed forever twenty years ago when her entire family was murdered in one tragic, bloody night. Her brother, Jonas, was sent to prison for the crime but has just been released. At the same time people around her have begun dying horrifying deaths. Is the timing a coincidence or not, is she the final target, and can someone be the final girl twice?