5 Books That Serve Up Revenge

Don’t you love a good book that features the best karma has to offer? Good old revenge! Here is a list of our favorite titles that will give you that sweet taste of karmic retribution while hunting down those that deserve their comeuppance.

Getting Even by Lisa Jackson

Two novels from Lisa Jackson that combine into one “they had it coming” fantastic novel. You will be rooting for the good guys and solving crime alongside those who want what they are owed: revenge.

The Revengers by Terrance McCauley

Aptly named, The Revengers features a diabolical plan to turn remote land in 19th century Montana into an outlaw kingdom. Once Deputy Halstead learns of this plan he’ll take no prisoners on his way to stop Zimmerman from getting filthy rich off blood soaked dollars.

Mrs. Wiggins by Mary Monroe

Maggie Franklin knew her only way out of a bad future was to marry someone upstanding and church-going. Someone like Hubert Wiggins…and she’ll stop at absolutely nothing to make that dream a reality. If anything, or anyone, decides to stand in her way, she’ll serve up a dish of revenge how it tastes best: cold.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

An unreliable narrator and the chance to get back at someone truly awful? Yes, please! Gone Girl will have you cheering for manipulation and remind you that nothing is ever truly what it seems. Revenge comes in all shapes and sizes, especially when you don’t see it coming.

Tick Tock by Fern Michaels

If you target one member of the sisterhood, you target them all. Their motto? “Whatever it takes”. You should take a long hard look at your choices before you mess with them, because vengeance is always sweeter with friends.