10 Historical Facts About Ecuador and More

by Lorena Hughes


There is a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Vinces, Ecuador.


Vinces, a small town in Ecuador, is nicknamed Little Paris (París Chiquito).


For a decade, Ecuador was the world’s largest cacao exporter (late 19th century).


Ecuador’s cacao is called Arriba (up there/up river) because of its location in relation to the Guayas River.


Exporters of cacao beans didn’t try chocolate until it became commercialized decades later.


Chocolate was an expensive delicacy until it became commercialized in the 20th century.


A team of international scientists recently discovered that the origins of cacao trace back to the northwest region of South America, which is now Ecuador.


A Spanish woman, María Purificación García, patented a coffee and cacao bean roaster in 1847.


Up until 1809, women inventors in the US had to register their patents under their husbands’ names.


Throughout history, women have posed as men to participate in fields that were traditionally forbidden to females, such as warfare, medicine, and literature.

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