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Kill Switch

Sylvia killswitchmm
"A psychological thriller of the first order."
—David Baldacci
"A prime-time thriller. . . suspense on the order of Silence of the Lambs."
Denver Post
"A high-octane, intricate thriller, delivered with skill."
Publishers Weekly
"A startling, intense suspense novel that will have readers staying up at night—with the light on."
Suspense Magazine
“A masterful thriller. Highly recommended.”
—Douglas Preston
“A non-stop thrill ride.”
—Michael Palmer


Haunted by a disturbing childhood incident, Dr. Claire Waters is drawn to those “untreatable” patients who seem to have no conscience or fear. In a holding cell at Rikers Island, where the young forensic psychiatrist meets with a dangerous inmate whose boyish looks mask a sordid history of violence, her daring methods reveal a key to her own dark past. And when the case propels her into the mind of a homicidal maniac watching her every move, the only way to stop a killer from killing again is to go beyond the edge of reason…